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«SPA Hammam Shahrazad is an oasis of relaxation and rest in the heart of Athens, under the Acropolis.

This is aunique place that connects the over the years’ experience and the deep-rooted tradition.
Find harmony and serenity for the soul and body.

Our offers include special Hammam (bath), facial treatments andbody massages, which will make you feel beautiful inside out.

An extraordinary opportunity to look inside yourself and discover the new inner grace, the peace and power that liedeep within each of us… Hammam Shahrazad has been with you in Morocco and Poland for almost twelve years.

Our dream is to share our passion, experience and skills with you in the heart of Greece by the Acropolis’ breeze


What Is A Hammam?

Hammam, also known as Moroccan hammam, is part of many Moroccans’ daily life. Similar to a Turkish bath, it combines the functionality and advantages of the Romanesque and Byzantine bath with the Ottoman tradition of taking care of the body. In contrast to the northern Europe’s sauna, which acts as a hot and dry air place, where the temperature remains between 70-90 °C , in a hammam mild temperatures between 35-40 °C dominate, which makes the stay much more pleasant and not unnecessarily weakens the body. Pleasant moisture and water vapour are generated by the flow of hot water, which additionally contributes to the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere inside.

The Benefits Of Hammam

Cure colds and reduces cellulite.

It helps in weight loss since it increases the rate of the metabolism.

Relieves the neurological pain.

There is reduction in stiffness and rheumatism.

Increases the production of collagen (heat increases flexibility and reduces the signs of connective tissue’s contraction).

It keeps the skin fresh and glowing. The heat stimulates the blood flow and cleanses the skin by opening the pores and removing the dead skin cells, thus making the skin softer, smoother and healthier.

In the respiratory system, you can get the bronchi cleaned.

It helps eliminate the toxins and the dead cells by exfoliating and sweating.

Fights allergies.

It is beneficial to people who suffer from sleep disorders and dry skin.

Suitable for people who are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

«The sense of well-being and the idea of mind-body balance, combined with the benefits of a traditional Moroccan hammam, designed to restore mental and physical harmony.»


Contraindications For Hammam

Pregnancy and menstruation

Dermatological problems with the skin

Health problems with heart, asthma, low or high pressure, epilepsy

Health problems with heart, asthma, low or high pressure, epilepsy

If you have consumed alcohol or eaten a hearty meal in the last 3 hours



Additional Information

All of our services are provided by appointment.

Otherwise, the service will only be possible as long as there is availability.

We have changing rooms with individual lockers and showers.

We supply you with special towels (peshtemal), wooden clogs (takunya), bowl (tas) and soap.

As time passes, we’ll enrich our products and services with new and also with some attractive combinatorial deals.


Spa Hammam Shahrazad is prepared for its business guests. Offers excellent SPA services, combined with traditional hammam, large conferences, small business meetings, birthday and bachelorette parties, and other social events.We will organize a perfect and unforgettable event together with you!